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C Magazine: Bounty Hunters

Imagine  a  place—a  nature  lover’s  dream, a  healthy  eater’s  paradise,  a  biodynamic farmer’s fantasy—where every pesticide-free mizuna  leaf  is  planted  according  to  the lunar cycle and grown in pure composted soil  made  of  alfalfa  sprouts,  yarrow  and chamomile  (and  yes,  dairy  manure  from the farm, too). Where the pepper grows on trees  and  the  rescued  dogs,  horses,  goats, sheep  and  pigs  have  names  like  Hamlet, Othello and Lady Gaga. Where daily work-outs are synchronized only to the rhythms of nature. Envision a 25-acre slice of heaven nestled  into  the  Santa  Monica  Mountains overlooking the Pacific, a heaven that’s har-vested and ingested with every breath and every bite, daily.