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One Gun Ranch is a Demeter Certified Biodynamic® in Malibu with a market, Ranch at the Pier, on the Malibu Pier. We are passionate about soil, growing nourishing produce for our community, and climate resilient farming. With the help of our dairy cows, we create a signature Super(ior) Soil which is the foundation of all we do. Our mission is to share the benefits of Biodynamics® and the joy from living in harmony with the land and rhythms of nature.


'Biodynamic®” means “life force” – the force that stimulates change and progress, the very energy of life. We harness this life force by planting according to the Biodynamic® calendar and we grow without the use of any harmful chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. We sow at the right time and we harvest at the right time, resulting in the tastiest seasonal produce with a mouth-watering vitality, packed with flavor and nutrition. It is truly food as medicine. We harvest daily.


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Each year we create our One Gun version of the Biodynamic® Calendar


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Biodynamic® compost is the cornerstone of Biodynamic® farming which treats the soil as a living organism rather than just a support system for crops. At One Gun Ranch we seek to feed the earth and revitalise the soil by using a Biodynamic® compost we make following a technique devised by Rudolph Steiner the father of Biodynamics® himself with the help of our beautiful cows, and the guidance of our Biodynamic® mentor, Jack McAndrew. Good healthy soil is paramount for our health and the health of our world. Throughout history, the most important single influence on the prosperity and longevity of civilizations lies in their capacity to maintain and build the fertility of their soil. Vital soil provides an environment for plants to thrive, develop good root structure and increased vitality, become resistant to disease and pests, and burst with color and flavor. A 2014 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that organic crops have significantly higher levels of antioxidants and lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides than conventionally grown crops.


The foundation of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy is that we must act as stewards of the land, learn everything about it and share that knowledge. We work with local universities, schools and children’s charities.


"This book will change your life forever. With easy, approachable steps, One Gun Ranch will have you eating better, exercising with more pleasure, and feeling healthier in just weeks. Inspired by one of Malibu’s most beautiful and innovative farms, One Gun Ranch, this book will help empower readers to totally reshape their life, with easy, approachable ways to reinvent the way they eat, exercise, and rejuvenate their minds and bodies." -Regan Arts
Our One Gun Collection of hats, flannel shirts, military jackets is inspired by the Malibu lifestyle; living and working outdoors at the ranch.
One Gun Ranch is a slice of heaven cocooned in a dramatic landscape with spectacular ocean and mountain views. Everyone who shoots at the Ranch marvels at the versatility of the location with diverse views from every angle. Our family of beautiful horses, ranch animals, airstreams, trucks, vintage cars and motorcycles are additionally available to use.
We’ve hosted incredible parties for everything from car, book and watch launches to stunning fashion events, fundraisers and outdoor screenings. As well as inspiring off-site training and bonding days for companies including outdoor fitness, yoga, mediations & classes on Biodynamic® farming, growing your own and nutrition.