• Album X One Gun Violet Coda Surfboard
  • A long surfboard that's outlined with a thick dark purple border. It is primarily lime green, but has stripes of different shades of purple and yellow at the bottom. There is a dark purple line down the middle from nose to tail. The logo ALBUM is written in all white capitalized text in the center of the board.

Album X One Gun Violet Coda Surfboard


All the beauty and glide from days gone by with a few small refinements to make it more user-friendly. A must-have for a complete quiver. Made with traditional riding in mind, trimming and camping out on the nose. Flat entry and mid-section rocker, accelerates and flips a bit off the tail. Moderate nose concave, 60/40 rails. Effortless glide and trim.

9'0" x 22 x 3

RD Tail Single Fin