• On the left is a frosted white glass bottow that says Bamford eau de perfum camille. On the right is a frosted light brown glass bottle with a gray twist on lif. It says Bamford eau du perfum gray.
  • Bamford Eau de Parfum

Bamford Eau de Parfum


Camille is a delicate but vibrant evocation of spring. The light jasmine and rose floral notes are brightened and freshened by a hint of orange blossom to create a fragrance that we liken to the scent of a bouquet of English garden flowers.

Gray; With its warm notes of vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli lightened with a hint of orange, Gray is a wood and graceful fragrance – A beautiful expression of bright winter days. The scent is rich and full-bodied making it a fitting evening fragrance, but it is designed to be worn year-round.